ICC's eLearning is part of the Mississippi Virtual Community College (MSVCC), which is a consortium of 15 of Mississippi's community colleges. Through MSVCC, students may take courses anywhere in Mississippi while receiving support services from a local college, such as ICC. To take a course from another (remote) college, a student enrolls at a local (ICC) community college, which supports the student with a full slate of student services, including advisement and counseling, financial aid and learning resources. The remote college provides the course and instruction; however, the local college awards the credit for the course.

eLearning is an electronic-based program more commonly referred to as online courses. It allows education to become accessible anytime and anywhere, providing the freedom to learn while fulfilling other commitments such as jobs and families. The MSVCC offers online courses on the Learning Management Systems (LMS) - Canvas.

Online courses at ICC are offered as semester-based and short-term classes with a timeline that includes registration, withdrawal and final exam deadlines similar to on-campus courses. Online courses receive the same credit hours as traditional courses.

MSVCC policy states that instructors may require onsite attendance up to 25 percent of the class time, so student must read course information closely at the beginning of the semester for specific details. All online students enrolled in ICC courses are required to take at least two proctored tests during the semester. For test security a student will report to his/her area community college for a major proctored test and a final exam. Students wishing to take the proctored exams at the ICC Fulton or Tupelo campus should schedule appointments online using the ICC appointment software. Students may take their exams at other approved statewide proctor sites.  Email/call Melinda Lentz at mglentz@iccms.edu/662.862.8466 to have an out of state or country proctor site approved.