Learning Resource Center

The mission of the Learning Resource Center is to serve as an integral support component of the total teaching-learning enterprise for the students of Itawamba Community College. By providing appropriate resources for our students, faculty and administration, we promote the philosophy of lifelong learning for all and encourage all to achieve to the maximum of their potential as learners, as citizens and as human beings. We seek educational excellence for all members of the College community.

The Learning Resource Center serves as the intellectual and creative center of academic life at Itawamba Community College. Please visit the LRC (library) either in person or online to find books and articles, ask reference questions, receive assistance with class assignments, to search the Internet, to utilize our 24/7 reference chat service or to study individually or with a group of friends. Students may bring their own computers and log in to the wireless network or use one of our three computer labs. We want the library to remain effectively student-centered, faculty/staff-focused and community-engaged as we seek to provide information resources for learning and research.

If you have questions or would like the Learning Resource Center to provide services or resources that are not currently available, or if the LRC has excelled or failed you in some particular way, please contact Janet Armour (jyarmour@iccms.edu), or another librarian/staff member