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Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program (Study Abroad)

Itawamba Community College offers a large number of academic achievement, leadership and ability-based scholarships to help offset the cost of college.  The following is a list of these scholarships along with the criteria for eligibility.  Inquiries concerning these scholarships should be made to the Scholarship Director at 662.862.8067 or Application deadline for scholarships for each school year is the first day of classes for the Fall Semester each year.  The dollar amounts listed below are two-year totals and are awarded for four consecutive semesters unless otherwise indicated. A student MUST be a Mississippi resident to receive the following scholarships.


  • 28+ ACT (or National Merit Finalist)
    Full tuition, room and meals - $11,700 total, $2,925 per semester
  • 24-27 ACT (or National Merit Semifinalist)
    Full tuition - $4,900 total, $1,300 per semester
  • 22-23 ACT - One-half tuition - $2,600 total, $650 per semester
  • Valedictorian/Salutatorian (#1 and #2) $10,000 total, $2,500 per semester
    Criteria: Must be #1 or #2 out of a high school class of 10 or more and have a 22 or better composite ACT.
  • Academic - One-half tuition, $2,600 total, $650 per semester
    Criteria: Students who did not qualify for an ACT scholarship, but have a high school GPA of 3.5 or better on a 4.0 scale at mid-term of their senior year in the core curriculum and have a minimum 18 ACT composite score.

Early Career Education

  • Special Career Incentive - Full tuition, $5,200 total, $1,300 per semester
    Criteria: Must enroll in one of ICC's vocational/technical programs and must have an ACT score of 23-27 or be a first place state or national winner in a nationally affiliated vocational student organization.
  • Career Incentive - One-half tuition, $2,600 total, $650 per semester
    Criteria: Must enroll in one of ICC's vocational/technical programs and must have an ACT score of 21-22 or be a second or third place state or national winner in a nationally affiliated vocational student organization.

Leadership - $200 total, $100 per semester for one year
Criteria: Must be an entering freshman, who has a minimum composite ACT score of 15 and must have held a leadership position in school/community service activities or participated in leadership development groups/activities.  This scholarship is awarded for 1 year at $100 per semester.

NOTE: No scholarship listed above may be packaged together, with the exception of the Leadership scholarship. The duration of these scholarships will be for four consecutive semesters unless otherwise indicated beginning with the student’s first semester of enrollment. These scholarships will be awarded in the amount of one-fourth each semester unless otherwise indicated and renewable contingent upon the recipient completing a minimum of 15 hours with a minimum 3.0 GPA for the first semester. Recipients must also complete a minimum of 30 cumulative hours by the end of their second semester and 45 cumulative hours by the third semester with a 3.0 or better cumulative GPA to continue their scholarship each semester. If a scholarship recipient drops below 15 semester hours during the first six weeks of the semester, then their scholarship will be forfeited for the current semester as well. Scholarships may be used for tuition, fees (except ID and parking) and room/board. ACT, Academic, Career Incentive and Leadership scholarships are considered institutional scholarships from Itawamba Community College and are subject to the administrative policies of the College concerning institutionally-funded scholarships. An application for admission must be completed in order to finalize scholarship awards.

Dorm student maximum Institutional Scholarship amount may not exceed $2,925.

Commuter student maximum Institutional Scholarship amount may not exceed $1,300.

Additional Scholarships

Special Achievement

These scholarships are awarded to incoming freshmen who are involved in a nationally affiliated student organization and who have placed first, second, or third in a district, regional, state or national competition. They are awarded for one semester as follows: First place - $300, Second place - $200, Third place - $100

Foundation Scholarships

These scholarships are established and funded for ICC students by individuals, businesses, industries, or organizations.  Interested applicants should read the requirements and complete an online application by April 1.  A complete description of each scholarship along with the Private Donor scholarship application can be found from the links above.

Adult Learner Incentive Scholarship

  • Pays half of tuition for one semester
  • Student must be 23 or older, not enrolled in college for the previous two years, and enrolling for classes to pursue a degree.
  • Student also must be a Mississippi resident, enroll in a minimum of 6 semester hours, and be in good standing with ICC

Competition Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded to qualified students who have special skills, talents, or abilities. They are awarded by the coaches or sponsors of these respective programs. Most will require auditions, interviews, or the submission of material for selection. Interested applicants should contact the appropriate coach or sponsor for details. Competition scholarships are awarded in the following areas:

  • Band - Mr. Ryan Todd - 662.862.8406
    • Instrumental Band - Try-out required by appointment during the school year, must have been in band senior year, and be recommended by high school band director
    • Dancer - Audition to a routine taught by the ICC dance instructor. Dancers will be judged on ability, flexibility, weight and size.
    • Guard - Audition to a routine taught by the ICC guard instructor. Guard candidates will be judged on ability to perform basic maneuvers (spins, tosses, etc.) and marching ability.
    • Drum Major - Audition required. Drum major candidates will be judged on their routine, conducting patterns, salute and marching ability.
  • CenterStage - Mrs. Karen Davis - 662.862.8306 and Mr. Jeff Myers - 662.862.8312.  CenterStage is a pop show group for ICC. They are a choreographed vocal group accompanied by a band. The auditions are divided into vocal and instrumental segments.  
    • Vocal - Students will perform a prepared song and then vocalize on various scales and sight-read. The students also need to be prepared to learn dance steps.
    • Instrumental - Students will be required to perform a prepared piece of their choosing, play scales and sight-read. 
  • Voice and Choir - Mrs. Karen Davis - 662.862.8306.  Students will be required to sing a prepared song and then vocalize using scales. They will also work on pitch exercises, tonal memory and sight-reading.
  • Piano - Mr. Jeff Myers - 662.862.8312.  Auditions for piano and/or accompanying scholarships should be scheduled by appointment at the student's earliest convenience before the semester of enrollment. Student must audition with two memorized selections from contrasting style periods and be prepared to sight read a relatively easy selection.
  • Art/Graphic Communications - Mr. Shawn Whittington - 662.862.8304.  Students receiving Art scholarships are required to follow the Art curriculum as stated in the ICC Catalog. Scholarships are awarded based on a review of 12-15 submitted examples of the student's work. Bring your art portfolio (drawings, paintings, sculptures, ceramics, cartoons, etc.) or mail them to Shawn Whittington, Art Dept., ICC, 602 W. Hill Street, Fulton, MS 38843. The deadline for Fall awards is April 4.
  • Theatre - Fulton Campus - Ms. Jessi P. Stevenson - 662.862.8308 or Auditions for the ICC Indian Players are held once during each academic year. Actors and crew cast for the yearly production will receive a competition scholarship, awarded for the production semester only. Selected recipients must maintain a 2.0 GPA to be eligible for the scholarship, and they must maintain satisfactory enrollment in Drama Production I or II during the production term.
  • Indian Delegation - Fulton Campus - Ms. Emily Tucker - 662.862.8253, Tupelo Campus - Mr. Michael Holloway - 662.620.5137.  Indian Delegation is a student recruiting team formed to recruit potential students and serve as goodwill ambassadors for ICC. Interested students should submit a completed Indian Delegation application with 2 letters of recommendation by April 1. Applications can be obtained by contacting sponsor or from the ICC website.
  • Cheerleader - Ms. Emily Lamb - 662.862.8173
  • Publications (Newspaper) - Donna Thomas - 662.407.1503
  • Publications (Yearbook) - Kim Williams - 662.862.8242
  • Jazz Band - Mr. Cass Patrick - 662.862.8313 
  • Athletics - Mrs. Carrie Ball Williamson, Athletic Director - 662.862.8123.  For more information on Football, Men's and Women's Basketball, Baseball, Men's and Women's Soccer, Softball, Golf, and Men's and Women's Tennis, visit the Athletic website (
  • Miss Mississippi's Outstanding Teen Pageant - Itawamba Community College will award the following scholarships for Miss Mississippi's Outstanding Teen Winners: $5,200 tuition-waiver scholarship to Miss Ms Outstanding Teen winner and a $2,600 tuition-waiver scholarship to each of the Top Ten finalists.  Winners should contact the Director of Scholarships.
  • Miss ICC Pageant Scholarship - The winner of the Miss ICC Pageant will be awarded a tuition scholarship. The first alternate will be awarded one-half tuition. Contact the Director of Scholarships for additional information.
  • Miss Mississippi Preliminary Pageant Scholarships - ICC will award a two-year tuition scholarship to the winner of a pageant that is a preliminary to the Miss Mississippi Pageant. In the event the winner does not attend ICC, the next highest finalist will receive a two-year one-half tuition scholarship. Winners of pageants desiring to use this scholarship should contact the Director of Scholarships.
  • Miss Mississippi Scholarship - Itawamba Community College will award the following scholarships for Miss Mississippi winners: $5,200 tuition-waiver scholarship to Miss Mississippi and $2,600 tuition-waiver scholarship to each of the Top Ten finalists. Winners should contact the Director of Scholarships.
  • Mississippi Miss Hospitality Scholarship - Itawamba Community College will award a $5,200 two-year scholarship for the winner of Mississippi's Miss Hospitality Scholarship Pageant and a $2,600 two-year scholarship for the first, second, third and fourth alternate provided the student elects to attend ICC. Miss Hospitality should contact the Director of Scholarships.
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