Adult Basic Education (ABE)
General Educational Development (GED)
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Adult Basic Education, a tuition-free program, offers adults the opportunity to prepare for high school equivalency, college entrance, career-technical education, employment or promotion on the job. Through Adult Basic Education classes, participants obtain a basic knowledge of math, social studies, science, consumer education, job information, family literacy and civic preparation.

Class and Test Information

For more information, contact

  • ABE/GED/ESL – Crystal Meyers, 662.407.1510 
  • Schedule a computer-based GED test – 
  • Program director – Julia Houston, 662.407.1512 
  • Dropout recovery/college transition – Gloria Wallace, 662.407.1515   
ABE/GED Guidelines 

Persons wishing to enroll in an ICC ABE/GED class must be at least 17 years old and not currently enrolled in public school. Itawamba Community College reserves the right to admit or deny entrance into the ABE/GED program based on the following criteria: 

  • Disciplinary action taken by high school; persons expelled from high school may not enter the ABE/GED program until eligible to return to high school.
  • High school attendance history. 
Probationary Period Requirements (60 days): 
  • Attendance of scheduled class meetings
  • Completion of assignments in a timely manner
  • Exhibiting respect toward teachers and other students
  • Exhibiting a positive attitude toward learning
  • Abiding by the Student Agreement
  • Obtaining educational gains on pre- and post-test TABE scores