PACE - Preparing & Advancing for College Excellence

PACE is a first-year experience at Itawamba Community College! Research indicates that it is critical in the transition from high school to college to develop the tools of becoming a successful and satisfied college citizen. To foster success in our first-year students, we will offer small classes with excellent faculty to embrace topics that will quickly draw students into the learning process and will aid them in their successful transition of earning an Associate degree. The transition process includes gaining the life skills needed for the collegiate classroom, on campus, and in the community.

PACE will include goal setting, time management, study skills, self-discipline, financial planning, college traditions, and navigating technology for college success as well as exposing our students to campus organizations, student activities, and community awareness. The program will teach students to understand that student success is a combination of academics, wellness, and engagement.

Itawamba Community College encourages our students to connect to the numerous college resources to enhance their academic experience and Get on PACE for graduation!

Contact Information:

Bronson Prochaska
Director of PACE
Office: 662.862.8250