PACE - Preparing & Advancing for College Excellence

College Life/PACE is a first-year experience course at Itawamba Community College. College Life courses focus on implementing college study techniques, learning how to manage and utilize time, developing financial planning and budgeting skills, navigating technology utilized at the College and emphasizing life goals and success. ICC offers small classes with excellent faculty, teaching a curriculum designed to quickly draw students into the learning process and have a lasting impact. 

In addition, the College Life/PACE program works with students to expose them to campus organizations, student activities and the importance of community awareness. The College Life faculty teach students to understand their success in college and that life is a combination of academics, wellness and engagement. Its experience working with college students and recognized national research acknowledge the foundation built during the first year in college is the cornerstone for all future academic success. ICC offers two versions of this course; College Life and College Life HONORS. The College Life HONORS course is designed for students earning a 24 or higher ACT composite score and is one of the Honors Program courses.

Contact Information:
Dr. Bronson Prochaska
Director of Academic Success and Retention
Chair, Learning and Life Skills Division
Office: 662.862.8250