Itawamba Community College offers non-credit education and training that can respond to regional workforce and employer needs in a timely, well-coordinated fashion while maximizing the use of resources.

ICC's Workforce Development Center, located at Belden, meets almost any workforce assessment, training or placement services need. Perhaps more importantly, it promotes collaboration with and among agencies and entities to increase the potential for corporate training.

ICC's Workforce Development program is dedicated to improving the economy by improving the skill competencies of both the current and future workforce. The programs and services are designed to enhance an employee’s performance, to fulfill organizational objectives and to ensure regional workers have the skills needed for positioning in today’s globally-competitive environment.

The ultimate goal of the workforce program is to develop a seamless workforce training system that ensures the presence of a highly-skilled workforce, advancing the region’s economic prosperity by supporting existing industries as well as creating new high-skill and high-wage job opportunities.