Starting the eLearning Experience

Before registering, you must follow college admission guidelines. By visiting ICC’s Admissions page, you will have access to all necessary information (i.e. guidelines, application, financial aid, etc.). You can submit your admissions application online or print the form located on the site and submit it by fax or mail. Once this is accomplished, you may contact Student Affairs (662.862.8260) for an adviser or the eLearning office (662.620.5350) for assistance.

Selecting a Class
Visit your adviser to ensure the online course meets your curriculum requirements. Itawamba Community College recognizes that all students need assistance, so we are pleased to help you plan a program of study and complete a course schedule. If you do not know the name of your adviser, are considering a change of major or just need some guidance, contact Student Affairs.
Itawamba Community College fully subscribes to the philosophy that the mission of the College is to bring the concept of "educational opportunities for all" closer to reality. The goal of Student Services and eLearning at the College is to provide a network of support that helps create, promote and enhance an educational environment conducive to and supportive of the learning process. All full-time students are assigned an adviser for assistance in planning a program of study and scheduling of courses. The adviser must approve all scheduling transactions.
The following personnel are available to assist eLearning students who need help:

Mande Miller
  Brad Boggs
Brandi McCraw
  Will Bunch

First, you must be admitted to the College. Then you should visit your adviser to ensure the online course meets your curriculum requirements. If the course is provided by ICC, your adviser may assist with registration, or you may Web register for the class yourself. If the course is provided by another community college, however, you or your adviser must contact the eLearning office (662.620.5350) for assistance.

Resources & Links
ICC Admissions
ICC Financial Aid
ICC Policies and Procedures
MSVCC Course Offerings
Registration Instructions
Student Profile 

Logging on to Class
Online students will not be given access to their courses until the day classes begin. To check schedules and dates for online courses visit the ICC Calendar. Class invitations will be emailed to each student for each course enrollment. You must accept the invitation to participate in the course.  A brochure containing your username and password for Canvas will be mailed to you about a week before classes begin. For hands-on assistance, visit the Fulton Campus Assessment Center (eLearning 11) or the Tupelo Campus eLearning Center (Advanced Education Center).

Login Information
Go to the MSVCC website (, and enter the username and password mailed to you. All ICC courses contain a Student Orientation that you are required to complete as your first assignment. This orientation will help you learn to navigate in Canvas and to use the tools you will need for class. Become familiar with your online class by carefully reading the announcements, course information, syllabus, etc. Check to ensure you have correct material (textbook, CDs, etc.) to begin your semester. Although there is not a specific time to access an online class, you must follow due dates on the syllabus and submit work in a timely manner in order to succeed. Submission of work corresponds directly to attendance, so if you do not submit work and/or stay in regular contact with the instructor, you will be dropped from the class and notified by email. If you have problems accessing your online class, contact the eLearning office (662.620.5350).